27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Cultural Universiade

The 2013 Summer Universiade will be not just about sport – it will be an opportunity to enjoy a major celebration of art and culture and to embrace the host nation’s traditions thanks to the Cultural Universiade project, which is implemented for the first time in the history of the World University Games.

The project was launched in 2010, as part of a series of key cultural and image-building programmes and key ceremonies of the Universiade with the purpose of drawing representatives of the cultural circles of Tatarstan and Russian to the Games. Moreover, the activities carried out under the aegis of the Cultural Universiade enabled to attract student audiences to cultural events.

During the Summer Universiade, local citizens and visitors to Kazan will be introduced to the ingenious culture of peoples of Russia and learn a lot about traditions of other countries, as well as experience modern art masterpieces. Cultural institutions, which will modify their working hours to accommodate visitors at Games time, will also contribute to creating a festive atmosphere in the city.

The programme will offer art-lovers, fans of the theatre and museum-goers the opportunity to plunge themselves in a variety of activities: the Opera and Ballet Festival, the International Sergei Rachmaninoff White Lilac Festival, the Tatar national holiday Sabantuy, theatres and museums, and a circus that will run shows on a special schedule.

But still, all eyes will be on the Universiade Park, a cultural venue located on the embankment of the Kazanka River in front of the Farmers’ Palace, which will be a centerpiece for the Cultural Universiade.

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Cultural Universiade is two weeks of holiday!
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Bright, rich, enchanting - these are characteristics of the project Cultural Universiade which ends today. Performances, concerts, street shows, and exhibitions - all these activities of the Cultural Universiade took place from 4 to 18 of July in all cultural institutions of the capital of Tatarstan. These days theatres and museums operated according to a special schedule and presented their most vivid creations to residents and guests of Kazan.

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Festival Chaliapin.Nureyev.Kazan ends with grand gala concert
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On July 17, on the last day of the Universiade in Kazan, the grand gala concert of the Chaliapin.Nureyev.Kazan International Music Festival was held as part of the Cultural Universiade in the Tatar State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Musa Jalil.

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Live history in National Museum of Republic of Tatarstan
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The National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan holds an interactive fancy-dress excursions with elements of theatricalisation, titled 'Revived Exposition' as part of the Cultural Universiade.

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