27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Field hockey. Daily competition schedule

The competition schedule of the 27th Summer Universiade is subject to change.

Fri05 Sat06 Sun07 Mon08 Tue09 Wed10 Thu11 Fri12 Sat13 Sun14 Mon15 Tue16 Wed17
Men's 5A - 5B
Men's FRA - UKR
Men's UKR - JPN
Men's KOR - UKR
Men's GER -UKR
Men's JPN - KOR
Men's GER - JPN
Men's GER - KOR
Men's 4A - 4B
Men's JPN - FRA
Men's GER - FRA
Men's KOR - FRA
Women's JPN - BLR
Men's 3A - 3B
Women's KOR - RUS
Men's MAS - RSA
Men's RSA - POL
Men's MAS - POL
Men's ITA - MAS
Men's POL - ITA
Women's JPN - KOR
Men's 2A - 2B
Women's KOR - BLR
Women's 3A - 4A
Men's RSA - ITA
Men's RUS - ITA
Men's RUS - POL
Men's RUS - MAS
Men's RSA - RUS
Women's RUS - BLR
Women's RUS - JPN
Women's 1A - 2A
Men's 1A - 1B
Women's FH Awarding Ceremony
Men's FH Awarding Ceremony