27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

List of companies producing 2013 Summer Universiade branded products

For the purpose of promoting the 27th World University Summer Games, tremendous efforts have been made to attract licensee companies ready to procure goods bearing the logo of the 2013 Summer Universiade. A pool of 31 companies has already been formed. The range of licensed products includes over 1,000 items.

7 leading retail chains were announced as the official retail sales outlets for the distribution of the Kazan 2013 SU licensed merchandise.

List of companies producing 2013 Summer Universiade branded products as of May 29, 2013:

Classes of goods: audio amplifiers, audio devices, receivers [audio-video], car radio receivers, car stereos; shoe laces, toys.

2. ООО Gala Graffitti
Classes of goods: [envelopes, bags] women’s leather package bags; travel garment bags, suit carriers; travel bags; beach bags; tourist bags; shopping bags; purses, port-monnaie; key cases; business card holders [card keepers]; wallets; brief cases [leather work]

3. ООО Radiant
Classes of goods: passport covers, [envelopes, bags] paper or plastic bags, framed/non-framed images [pictures], postcards and calendars, beer coasters, bookmarks; artificial leather wallets, purses, port monnaie, business card holders [keepers], travel bags, key cases, trivets, stickers and souvenirs made of shungite.

4. OOO Torgovy Dom (Vostok Watch Makers Inc)
Class of goods: watches and clocks (wristwatches, wall clocks, alarm clocks)

5. ОАО Pavlovsky Honor of Order Art Metal Product Plant named after Kirov
Classes of goods: table forks; knives; tableware [knives, forks, spoons].

6. ООО Parli
Classes of goods: perfume and cosmetics: eau de toilette, shower gels, antiperspirants.

7. ZАО Khokhlomskaya Rospis (Khokhloma Painting)
Classes of goods: lathe turned wooden articles: matryoshkas, spoons, plate plaques, small barrels.

8. ООО Serkhio Ramosh Group
Class of goods: self-adhesive decals and stickers for Apple products

9. ООО Russkye Suveniry (Russian Souvenirs)
Classes of goods: artistic articles made of non-precious metals, coin boxes, money boxes, sealed money boxes, artistic articles, semi-precious stones, jewelry boxes, carton articles, artistic wooden articles, carved wooden articles, woven items.

10. ОАО Bulochno-Konditersky Kombinat (Bread-Baking and Confectionary Complex)
Classes of goods: sponge cakes, buns, waffles, confectionery, jelly confectionery, filled confectionery products, peanut confectionery products; almond confectionery products; pastries; sweets, biscuits, fruit and berry cakes; eatable cake decorations, bread, unleavened bread, chak-chak, cupcakes.

11. ООО No Name
Classes of goods: magnets, decorative magnets, sunglasses, sports eyewear, key rings, umbrellas, sun umbrellas, flip flops, hand fans, textile handkerchiefs, textile towels, flags, bandanas [kerchiefs], visors, dressing gowns, head bands.

12. ООО Next-time
Classes of goods: soft toys, plush toys.

13. Individual Entrepreneur L.M. Islamova (Yantarnaya Korona)
Classes of goods: semi-precious stones, artistic wooden articles, carved wooden items.

14. ОАО Kazansky Khlebozavod No 3 (Kazan Bread-Baking Plant No 3)
Classes of goods: buns; confectionary; Confectionery for decorating Christmas trees; jelly confectionery; filled confectionery products; peanut confectionery products; almond confectionery products; pastries; sweets; fruit and berry cakes; bread; unleavened bakery products.

15. Non-Commercial Partnership Chamber of Folk Arts and Crafts of the Republic of Tatarstan
Class of goods: articles of folk arts and popular craftwork items.

16. ООО Perviy Suvenir (First Souvenir)
Class of goods: candles.

17. ООО 3R Memory
Class of goods: USB flash drives and memory cards for mobile devices.

18. ООО Aktualnost
Class of goods: optical crystal figurines containing 3D laser engraved images.

19. ZAO TPK Almaz-Holding
Classes of goods: jewelry, articles made of precious metals: key rings, business card holders, ionizers, teaspoons, tea glass holders, bookmarks, pendants, souvenir figurines, money clips, souvenir horseshoes.

20. ООО Status-A
Classes of goods: silicon goods: watches, wristwatches, watchbands; pen cases, carton boxes, paper boxes; purses, wallets; artistic articles made of wood, wax, plaster or plastic; plates.

21. OOO Kazanskaya Suvenirnaya Kompaniya (Kazan Souvenir Company)
Classes of goods: metal keychains, mugs: glass, ceramic, pens, tyubeteikas.

22. Individual Entrepreneur Mikhail Lyulinskiy (Tayozhnik)
Licensing category: tourist backpacks, hats, vacuum flasks, travelling kits.

23. OOO Almaz Jewelry Enterprise
Class of goods: jewelry

24. OOO Gosloto
Class of goods: lottery

25. FSUE Gosznak
Classes of goods: lapel badges, medals, metal badges.

26. OOO Trade House Forward
Classes of goods: sportswear and accessories

27. FSUE PTC (Federal State Unitary Enterprise Publishing and Trading Centre) Marka
Class of goods: philatelic products

28. ООО Tolko Sport
Class of goods: boxing equipment (sports apparel and fan gear)

29. Individual Entrepreneur M.M. Dinmukhametov
Class of goods: smartphone accessories

30. ООО Amer Sports
Class of goods: sports equipment

31. ООО Zhgel
Class of goods: Gzhel porcelain products


32. ООО Integral (Kazan International Airport/Sheremetyevo)
Official retailer of Kazan 2013 merchandise

33. OOO Internet-Boom (Online shopping podarki116.ru)
Official retailer of Kazan 2013 merchandise

34. Individual Entrepreneur R.R. Sadriev (KhoroShow retail chain)
Official retailer of Kazan 2013 merchandise

35. ООО Optovik (Essen chain of hypermarkets)
Official retailer of Kazan 2013 merchandise

36. ООО United Media
Official retailer of the 2013 Summer Universiade (competition and non-competition venues)

37. ООО SELGROS Cash & Carry
Official retailer of the 2013 Summer Universiade (Cash & Carry format)

Official retailer of the 2013 Summer Universiade (vending format)

Special category – Language services

39. TransLink Holding
Category of services: professional translation and interpreting services at major international sporting events, economic forums, summits: high-quality consecutive and simultaneous interpreting (with the provision of professional audio and simultaneous interpreting equipment); phone interpreting; translation of all types of documentation, linguistic auditing, urgent translation of press releases and news stories; multilingual website translation services; localisation; internationalisation.