27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Sambo wrestler Khlybov expected to gain more points in final of Universiade

The winner of the Universiade, Russian sambo wrestler, Ilya Khlybov said that he planned to gain more points in the final match of the tournament.


Universiade. Day 11. Sambo © RIA Novosti / Vasily Ponomarev

Khlybov won the gold medal in the weight category up to 62 kg on Tuesday, beating Kazakh wrestler Bagdat Zharylgassov with a score of 1-0.

“The Kazakh school is, of course, strong. I have already struggled with this opponent and beat him more confident. He is a good guy, he scored his plus. The meeting was difficult. I did two armlocks , but he crawls. He had to be punished, but the punishment for some reason did not follow, that’s strange. In general, the fight developed the way we planned it to be, but I thought I would gain more points,” - said Khlybov to the agency R-Sport. “Your opponents are not also static, they analyze you, they watch the video, and they know what I can do. Every year it’s becoming more and more difficult to resist them. But we are also trying to draw conclusions and to develop,” – added he. Russian wrestlers won sixteen medals - 12 gold, one silver and three bronze in the eighteen-division of the Universiade 2013. “We are the sambo leaders in Europe and sin the world. This is a planned result, perhaps, we’ve even expected more. But we did everything we had been ready for. Plus out native tribunes helped us, we had an advantage in that. Though, someone can  burn out because of such pressure, “-Khlybov, the  captain of the Russian students men's national team, said. 

R-Sport, July 16