27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Gymnast Nazarenko: Before the final, Viner told us to have some fun

President of the All-Russia Federation of Rhythmic Gymnastics and head coach of the Russian team Irina Viner, advised the national team to relax and have some fun before the final performance of the group exercise, reveals member of the gymnastics team Anastasia Nazarenko.

On Tuesday, the Russian team, made up of Anastasia Bliznyuk, Elena Romanchenko, Olga Ilina, Anastasiia Maksimova, Ksenia Dudinka and Nazarenko, received 17.916 points from the judges and won gold. Silver went to the Japanese team (16.866) and bronze to Ukraine (16.200).

"Before the presentation, Irina Aleksandrovna told us to simply relax and enjoy ourselves, and we did just that. We did everything to 99%, but there was one mistake, and I hope she didn’t notice. We got the idea from Irina Aleksandrovna,” Nazarenko told reporters of R-Sport. The gymnast said that the Russian team was very happy. “Every medal is precious, but particularly gold. We reached this together, and it’s a great joy for us. In every training session we tested our physical and spiritual strength. We had to simply come out and display Russian dance, and Russian soul,” added Nazarenko.



R-Sport, July 16