27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Universiade champion wrestler Melnikov thanks fans for support

The Universiade winner in Greco-Roman wrestling in weight category up to 96 kg Nikita Melnikov told that he was very thankful to the Russian fans for their support during the tournament.

In the decisive duel of the Games, in less than three minutes, ahead of time, the citizen of Krasnoyarsk, Nikita Melnikov, defeated the silver medallist of the Olympic Games and the world champion, two-time European champion, Artur Aleksanyan of Armenia, 8:0.

“We were very pleasant by the fact how great the Kazan public supported us during the fight," told Melnikov at the press conference of R-Sport. I felt even internally how fans charged us with their positive emotions during duels. I would like to thank also all our coaches who help us very much and thank our friends and family”. The athlete marked that the hardest at the tournament “was the first duel” because you always adapt to it in a special way.” “Do I feel esthetic pleasure when I conduct nice throws in the final? Of course, I do. Especially, when you conduct holds on the opponent of a higher level than you,” continued the heavy-weight. A personal coach of the athlete Mikhail Gamzin emphasised that Melnikov “needs to add self-belief.” There is some criticism to Nikita, of course, but we will attentively investigate it and remove,” emphasised he.

R-Sport, July 16