27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Volunteers hold flashmob dance for victory in Kazan

Yesterday, in the square in front of the Theatre named after G.Kamal, about 1,000 volunteers met to hold a flashmob. The event was devoted to the completing of the move, called Support Russian team.


From July 6 to July 16, the Kazan volunteers collected wishes for the Universiade athletes. Schoolchildren and students from Kazan, being the Universiade volunteers, took part in a flashmob.

Larisa Sulima, Chief of Staff/Deputy Director General of the Kazan 2013 Executive Directorate, came to give a welcome address for the volunteers.


 “I congratulate you on the victory of the Russian national team at the Universiade. We are one country, the strongest country. Our athletes thank the volunteers’ team who helped during the competitions. 20,000 volunteers supported us. Today, the most remarkable and talented young people, the best city’s volunteers gathered in the square. They satisfied the needs of the host city’s guests, helped them to orientate themselves around the city, carried out a great informational work. We are proud of you, we thank you. We hope, you will remember that that period of time, you have held at the Universiade, as the brightest event for life,” Larisa Sulima congratulated the volunteers.


After that, the young people performed a sport dance with acrobatic elements under a song Welcome to Russia, specially composed for the Universiade. A great amount of spectators watched the performance.  In the end of the dance, paper streamers fell down on the square, solemnly symbolising ending of the flashmob.

All the wishes for the athletes were collected in a box that will be brought to the Universiade Village. The athletes will receive the wishes, written on paper, tomorrow.

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