27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Karasev: Russian basketball players won the Universiade final by a narrow margin

The players of Russia’s national basketball team won the Universiade final with Australia by a narrow margin, said the head coach of the team Vasily Karasev.


Universiade. Day 11. Baskertball. Final. © RIA Novosti

Russia’s national basketball team scored a victory over the team of Australia in the final game at the Universiade and won gold medals of the World University Games.

“It is clear that the guys slowed down at the end of the game. We played an aggressive basketball, not positional. The team leaders did not have enough forces. Of course, when the leaders got tired, we found other players to substitute them. Thanks God, they managed to win by a low margin. Everyone survived that game, because the Australians are bigger and stronger, you saw with your own eyes how our guys were running on the play field,” said Karasev to R-Sport. The coach also recognized the spectators' support that helped the guys to play. "It would be a shame to lose with such audience and such support. The audience surprised me in a positive sense. That was a real fest. I really wish that all games were attended by so many people giving such a great support!” he added.

Karasev pointed out to a tense competition at the Universiade and noted that most players in the teams who managed to pass through the group stage were professional players, not students. “We faced a strong competition at the basketball tournament. Clearly, all eight teams are professional players. There are no students here. Their players have contracts with Žalgiris (Lithuania), Partizan (Serbia) and Zrwena Zvezda (Serbia), and play for the national teams. However, it makes this victory even more valuable, because that was not a simple walk. At the initial stage, there were easy-to-beat teams, but then no such teams remained,” he added.

R-Sport, July 17