27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Coach Levente: The play of the goalkeeper brought victory to the Hungarian water polo team

Hungary’s goalkeeper was the decisive factor in the men’s water polo final at the Universiade, said Balazs Levente, the head coach of the Hungarian squad.


Universiade. Day 12. Water polo. Finals. RIA Novosti/Vladimir Pyesnya

Hungary beat Russia, 5-4, in the Universiade water polo final on Wednesday to win the gold medal. "The Russian team is very good. Both teams play at a high level. The key in our game was the goalkeeper, who outplayed everyone. All the players did everything they were supposed to do in a game of this magnitude," Levente told reporters from R-Sport. He said the memory of the success in Kazan will remain with him. "I played for the Hungarian team 358 times, but as the coach of the Hungarian team, this was my debut," said Levente.

R-Sport, July 17