27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

World Fencing Championships set to get underway

The World Fencing Championships started today, July 15, in the Tennis Academy, Kazan. Fencers will compete using three types of weapons: foil, epee and sabre. The halls for preliminaries (a direct elimination system, as at the Olympic Games, is applied at the competition) and finals are equipped with 9 pistes mounted on 40-50 cm platforms and enhanced with special lighting. Light panels that go on when a fencer hits an opponent are installed at the foot of the platform. This should provide a special entertainment for spectators. Four digital panels measuring 2.5x3.7m are also placed in the halls to display the bouts’ results and big TV screens are mounted on walls to show instant replays of the fencing highlights.


According to international standards, fencers must submit their weapons and uniforms in the weapons control room prior to the competition. The procedure of examining fencing equipment (a weapon, a fencing suit, a mask, an electric jacket and a glove) is held according to the tournament regulations. Every type of weapon is checked for hardness, length, micro fractures, while a uniform and a mask are tested for strength (a suit should be able to resist  perforation by a force of at least 800 Newtons) and electrical conductivity. The weapons and clothing are tested both visually and with the use of special devices. An appropriate stamp is affixed on each weapon and piece of equipment to verify that they have been checked and allowed for the competition.

The Kazan 2014 World Fencing Championships are held at two venues. Medals will be contested in the Tennis Academy whereas practice sessions will take place in the gym hall of Volga State Academy of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism. The Tennis Academy is very convenient because it has a preliminary hall and hall for finals in one building. It is very helpful both in terms of organising fencing events and working out optimal transport routes.

The World Championships are held with the support of the Russian Ministry of Sports and the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan. The organisers of the fencing tournament are the Fencing Federation of Russia, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sport of the Republic of Tatarstan and the Executive Directorate for Sports Projects.

Press Department of Executive Directorate for Sports Projects

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