27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Maksim Khudyakov: I'd like to thank the organisers, the coaches, my parents, but most of all my teammate!

The tournament in Kazan wrapped up with the victory of the Moscow Region duo Evgeny Romashkin-Maksim Khudyakov

Men’s final became a presentable closing of the tournament. Lev Priyma-Anton Safonov and Maksim Khudyakov-Evgeny Romashkin showcased a true beach volleyball battle, filled with emotions, beautiful combinations and tough struggle. Priyma- Safonov performed a heroic deed, defeating the tournament’s first-seeded duo of Andrey Belov-Ruslan Dayanov. Despite the dropped first set, Lev and Anton took the lead in the second set and went into the tie-break. But the decisive third set ended with the victory of Khudyakov-Romashkin, who deserved gold medals after all. The kazan2013.com correspondent used his chance to extend his greetings to the winners.

- My congratulations. Could you share your firsthand post-victory impression?

Evgeny Romashkin: - The event's management is really good, it's steady in this regard. Last year the tournament was well-managed as well. The stands were half-empty, of course, but there were enough spectators at the final matches. As for our performance at the tournament, everything was going on well. But in the final... I don't know, an immense fatigue seized me. I had to fight both the weariness and my opponents. In general, I have a good impression of the current tournament. Especally as I won the tournament with a new teammate. It's our second tournament together and we already celebrate a victory. Honestly, I never saw it coming.

Maksim Khudyakov: - If Zhenya has a good impression, my impression is just excellent. As for the tournament's organisation, the event was managed flawlessly. I'm overwhelmed with emotions, because it's the first victory in my career. I don't know what to say... Let me say it in an Oscar-winner's style. I'd like to thank the organisers, the coaches, my parents, but most of all I'd like to thank my teammate! (Hugs Evgeny).

Evgeny Romashkin: - I just wanted to add that Kazan became a lucky city. I won the stage of the national championship here last year, but I played in duo with Alexander Likholetov (Evgeny Romashkin was playing for Klainingrad last year. - The Author's Note). Although the current victory is not my first one in Kazan and in my career but it's very valuable. Because it was won at a heavy cost.

- Evgeny, a question personally to you. Can you tell the difference between the last year's and this year's tournaments? What has changed?

Evgeny Romashkin: - Generally speaking, there is difference only in sand quality. Last year the sand was coarse enough, but this year it's even coarser. We had more spectators last year. The temperature was higher. But during the final this year we had a comfortable weather, there was a pleasant breeze blowing.

- What city of the Moscow Region do you represent at the tournament?

Maksim Khudyakov: - Odintsovo, the capital of indoor volleyball.

- Well then, with your victory you set an example to Iskra, how the season should be finished on a winning note?

(The question was followed by the winners' chorus of loud laughter)

Media Department of Kazan 2013 Executive Directorate