27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Champions liked everything! Even the rainy weather

Triumphant winners of the second stop of the Russian Beach Volleyball Championship in women's events Natalia Uryadova and Svetlana Popova (VTSMO VC, Moscow Region) gave a post-final sparkling interview to kazan2013.com

- Could you share your impression of the city and the tournament?

Natalia Uryadova: - I have an excellent impression of the tournament. There are two reasos for that. First, it's the victory. And the weather (smiles). We enjoy playing in rain. Don't be surprised, a dull weather is our weather. As for our impresson of the city, we had little chance to see it. But the first thing that caught our eye is that there are so much construction going on, Kazan's preparations for the Universiade are in full swing.

- Did you participate in the last year's tournament?

Natalia Uryadova: - Sveta was playing with another teammate, while I was in maternity leave. We started to play with Svetlana in 2009, them we ha a break because of my maternity leave and now we are back together.

Svetlana Popova: - I don't remember what place we took last year. We shared fifth-eighth positions, I think we finished sixth.

- You placed third in the first stop of the Russian Championship in Anapa...

Natalia Uryadova: - We have to keep in mind that in Anapa there were teams that are playing at the international tournament in China. As for the others, there are quite a few steady duos in Russian beach volleyball at the moment. And any of them can win. Today the luck was on our side. Speaking of luck, it's not a banality, because practically all the games in Kazan ended with a 2-1 score.

- When players win in tie-breaks, it's not just pure luck. Another thing is a good conditioning.

(The girls exchange glances and burst into laughter) Natalia Uryadova: - What conditioning can I possibly have after a year long maternity leave? If luck is not enough, than let's say we had self-belief, character...

- Your opponents Biryukova-Markova had a coach...

Natalia Uryadova: - We had a coach too, but our opponents went out on the court without having warmed up, that's why their coach was warming them up on the court, that's what you saw. And our coach warmed us up on the additional court.

- Svetlana, this question is for you. as a participants of both Kazan tournaments, can you tell the difference between them? It was 36 degrees hot and today it's 18, plus we have rain. And the different venue, of course.

Svetlana Popova: - I personally think that it's was harder for me to play last year. We had to take breaks more often, so that to recover. Maybe, some players "like it hotter", but this year's cool weather was more comfortable to us. We didn't get overheated. As for the venues, I didn't even notice it was a different venue. Both venues are Ok.

- Right after the national tour, the Shenzhen 2011 Beach Volleyball Qualification tournament kicks off. Will you compete there?

Svetlana Popova: - I will. By the way, last year it was the Obninsk duo of Victoria Rastykus-Daria Yarzutkina that won the tournament in Kaza, but they were playing in different tandems. This year I will compete in duo with Nina Ptitsyna, who also represents VTSMO VC, Moscow Region. That's what our coaches said. We'll strain every sinew to qualify for Shenzhen 2011!

Media Department of Kazan 2013 Executive Directorate