27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Tatarstan Badminton Championship Final continues in Kazan

The Tatarstan Badminton Championship Final, one of the test events for the 2013 Summer Universiade, picks up speed at the Tennis Academy in Kazan.

The tournament, which started off on June 2, brought together 245 people from 23 regions of the Republic of Tatartsan. The competitions are held in the men's and women's singles, men's and women's doubles, and mixed doubles in four age groups. The tournament features winners and medallists of the preliminary competitions in six leagues which were held in the spring at badminton development centres.

Results from the first day of action at the Tatarstan Badminton Championship Final show that badminton players from Kazan, Alekseevsky and Zainsky Municipal Districts are best in their age groups. The rest of the finalists will become known in the afternoon, with finals being held on June 4, the final day of the competitions. 

"So far everything is flawless," comments Oksana Shkrebtienko, the director of the tournament. "Today we have semis and tomorrow is the final day and there will be victory ceremonies. It's not the first competition which is being held here, at the Tennis Academy; the venue is very good. Surely, some flaws will be corrected ahead of the Universiade. So far we work in the ordinary and usual course." 

Some of the tournament participants will be representing the Republic of Tatarstan in the badminton competitions which will be conducted as part of the 27th Summer Universiade. Though the list of the participants has not been finalised yet, the names of the main three candidates who will be defending the honour of Tatarstan at the Summer Universiade are already known – they are Pavel Fomin, Romina Gabdullina and Viktoria Vorobyova.

All sports enthusiasts are invited to come and enjoy seeing the action unfold at the competition venue. Spectator admission is free and fans are more than welcome to come and root for their favourite badminton players. Click here for the competition schedule. 

Badminton debuted at the 2007 Summer Universiade in Bangkok (Thailand). It will make an appearance on the sports programme of the 27th Summer Universiade as one of the 14 optional sports chosen by the host country.

As we earlier reported, the 2013 Summer Universiade badminton tournament will be held in Kazan on July 7-12. Tickets are available on the website of Kassir.ru, the Official Ticket Operator of the Games. 

Media Department of Kazan 2013 Executive Directorate