27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Tatarstan Badminton Championship Final concludes in Kazan

Another test event of the 27th Summer Universiade has come to an end in Kazan. For three days, the rounds of the traditional Tatarstan Badminton Championship Final has been unfolding at the Tennis Academy, one of the key venues of the Games. The competitions were held in the men's and women's singles, men's and women's doubles, and mixed doubles in four age groups.

On 4 June, there was a press conference dedicated to the closing of the tournament. The conference was attended by President of the Badminton Federation of the Republic of Tatarstan Yuri Chaplygin; deputy chief scorer and gold badge referee Mikhail Polevshchikov; and one of Tatastan's candidates for a spot on the Russian national team for the Summer Universiade Pavel Fomin.

"245 people from 23 regions of the republic are taking part in the tournament. The athletes of the Alekseevsky and Sabinsky Municipal Districts are the leaders – badminton is developing rapidly there. It is included in the curriculum, and children start playing it even when they are still in pre-school. So we have very promising young people. Another big plus is that badminton can be played in villages, towns, small settlements where the number of children is small. Thanks to that, we have a good increase in the number of players who will represent Tatarstan at the future competitions," shared his impressions President of the Badminton Federation of the Republic of Tatarstan Yuri Chaplygin.

Deputy chief scorer and gold badge referee Mikhail Polevshchikov expressed admiration with the fact that so much attention is paid to badminton in Tatarstan as it means that the republic invests a lot of effort to introduce this sport to the general public and cares for people's health. 

"In my view, the policy the Government of Tatarstan and the republic's Badminton Federation are adhering to is correct," said Mikhail Polevshchikov."In my whole life, I have never seen such wide-scale introduction of badminton to the general public. This is absolutely unique. Representatives of 23 districts of Tatarstan are engaged in this beautiful sport. It does credit to the federation and the government."

Winner in the singles and doubles among participants born after 2000, Ekaterina Krasnova admitted in her interview with kazan2013.com that it was not easy to win. The rivals were very strong and talented:   

"It is very hard to play on your own against Anzhelika Plotnikova. I have played against her at all-Russian tournaments and at other championships, too. She is a very strong competitor. It was very difficult to play. The gap between us was literally 2 points. Same with the doubles – against the Sabinsky District, in the mixed event as well. I was very nervous before the games, I was worried that I might lose, but, luckily, I made it."

As previously reported, the 2013 Summer Universiade badminton tournament will be held in Kazan from 7 to 12 July. Tickets can be purchased on the website of the Official Ticket Operator of the Games – Kassir.ru. 

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