27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Russian Junior Athletics Championships conclude in Kazan

14 medal events took place on the final day of the track and field competitions.


Men 10,000m

1. Rudolf Petrukhin (Chuvash Republic) - 31:11.38
2. Evgeny Plotnikov (Moscow-2) – 31:11.42
3. Aleksey Vikulov (Zabaikalsky Krai) – 31:18.07

Athletes from the Chuvash Republic triumphed in the men's 10km event. First place went to Rudolf Petrukhin, and second to Evgeny Plotnikov, who also ran a parallel event for the Chuvash Republic. Tatarstan representative Nikolay Vasilyev came in 14th place.

Women 5,000m

1. Alyona Kudashkina (Republic of Mordovia) – 15:31.06
2. Olga Nikolayeva (Chuvash Republic) – 16:30.05
3. Ksenia Fedorchuk (Chelyabinsk Oblast) – 16:48.94

A representative of the Chuvash Republic was also among the top finishers in the 5km run, with Olga Nikolayeva earning silver for her efforts. First place winner Alyona Kudashkina crossed the finish line alone and unchallenged, almost a full minute ahead of her closest competitor.


Women triple jump

1. Daria Nidbaikina (Moscow-1) – 13.58
2. Viktoria Sadokhina (Moscow Oblast) – 13.26
3. Maria Suntsova (Moscow-2) – 12.94

Nidbaikina essentially secured a victory in the Russian championships with her first jump of 13.32 metres. While none of her competitors was able to surpass the 13.26-metre mark, Nidbaikina of Moscow went on to best her previous attempt by a full 30 centimetres.


Men discus throw

1. Aleksey Khudyakov (Moscow-1) - 58.32
2. Aleksandr Dobrenky (Moscow Oblast) – 58.18
3. Aleksey Kulayev (Volgograd Oblast) – 51.43

The final round of the men’s discus throw turned into a truly dramatic event. After his first two throws, Aleksey Khudyakov led by a nearly 3-metre margin with a throw of 57.70 metres. But in his fifth throw, rival Aleksandr Dobrenky hurled the discus 58.18 metres, staking a claim on gold. Khudyakov’s initial attempt to match the effort was unsuccessful, but at the decisive moment he was able to outthrow his opponent by 14 centimetres to take the gold.

Women 1,500m

1. Aleksandra Gulyayeva (Moscow-1) – 4:18.83
2. Anna Petrova (St. Petersburg) – 4:19.47
3. Vera Vasilyeva (Moscow Oblast) – 4:23.29

Gulyayeva pulled ahead in the final few meters to finish first in the 1.5km race.

Men high jump

1. Mikhail Akimenko (Moscow) – 218
2. Usman Usmanov (Republic of Bashkortostan) – 218
3. Nodar Andryushin (Krasnodar Krai) – 215

The two leaders in the men’s high jump refused to concede a single centimetre to each other. First place was awarded to Akimenko for having achieved the 218-centimetre mark with fewer jumps, and second place went to Usmanov for jumping the same height, but after a greater number of attempts.

Men 1,500m

1. Viktor Bakharev (Novosibirsk Oblast) – 3:46.19
2. Sergey Dubrovsky (Belgorod Oblast) – 3:46.65
3. Anton Kozlov (Moscow-1) – 3:49.55

Women hammer throw

1. Olga Krylova (Moscow-1) – 55.19
2. Evgenia Tarakanova (Moscow-1) – 54.31
3. Anna Popova (St. Petersburg) – 51.18

Olga Krylova took a confident lead with a throw of 55.19 metres, but Tarakanova’s finish came as a surprise. In her first five unsuccessful throws her best result was only 49.52 metres, but her last attempt surpassed the 54-metre mark to land her just behind Krylova for a solid second place.


Women 4x100m relay

1. Moscow-1 – 45.38
2. Moscow-Lichno  – 46.90
3. Bryansk Oblast – 47.47

First place went to the Moscow-1 team consisting of Yulia Belomestnykh, Valeria Anikina, Svetlana Rezvanova and Kristina Sivkova. It is worth noting that Sivkova, who was born in 1997, was one of the youngest athletes competing in the race.

Men 4x100m relay

1. Moscow-1 – 41.18
2. Sverdlovsk Oblast  – 41.91
3. Nizhny Novgorod Oblast  – 42.76

The Moscow-1 team consisted of Evgeny Kharin, Aleksey Kudryavtsev, Aleksandr Svyatobog and Rushan Abdulkaderov.


Women javelin

1. Evgenia Starygina (Moscow Oblast) – 55.69
2. Maria Safonova (Voronezh Oblast) – 52.68
3. Alina Brilina (Moscow) – 51.84

Starygina made a serious bid for the gold in her very first throw, and then maintained her lead throughout the competition.


Men 4x400m relay

1. Moscow-1 – 3:12.94
2. Republic of Tatarstan – 3:14.53
3. Krasnodar Krai – 3:14.75

The winning runners included Aleksandr Tyagachev, Pavel Agafonov, Dmitry Khasanov and Aleksandr Skorobogatko. The Tatarstan team was represented by Roman Suleimanov, Dmitry Ilyin, Artyom Araslanov and Daler Sabirov.


Women’s 4x400m relay

1. Sverdlovsk Oblast – 3:40.40
2. Moscow -Lichno – 3:43.81
3. Moscow Oblast  – 3:44.87

The winning team included Viktoria Khabarova, Anastasia Zhdanova, Anastasia Konkova and Anna Gladkikh.

The Russian Junior Athletics Championships were held in Kazan from June 14 to16.

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