27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

At Universiade Romashina decides to compete solo in World championships

The three-time Olympic champion for synchronised swimming, Svetlana Romashina announced that, after her performance in the solo programme at the Summer Universiade 2013, she has decided to enter the World championship.

The Russian synchronised swimmer won all gold medals at the Summer Universiade 2013 in Kazan. The 23-year old team leader Romashina shined at the competition. The FINA World Championship will be held in Barcelona on July 19.

“How did it work out? 10 out of 10. For the first time in many years I won in the solo competition. The last time was at the junior championships of Europe. And now these are large world starts. For me the main thing now is building the confidence that I can compete solo at the world championships,” said Romashina to a correspondent of R-Sport. “The decision to participate solo in the world championships was only made today. Universiade served as a trial for me in the solo programme,” she added. “For me the most important thing is that my coach Tatiana Danchenko is pleased, as she developed her career working with soloists like Natalia Ishchenko, and she has a base for comparison. It is very pleasing that she has praised me.”

The swimmer admitted that she had doubts about the solo programme at the very beginning. “You understand, following after someone like Natalia Ishchenko is hard. But once we started the programme, all doubts went away. I had a good outlook, and it was important that I was able to adapt to the role expected of me by the public and the judges,” Romashina said.

In Kazan Romashina came down with a cold and fever. According to Danchenko, she had some sort of virus. “I am still sick, I have a temperature, but already I feel much better, as today we are going home and tomorrow I will have a day off. What will I do tomorrow? You won’t believe it: lay down and try not to move,” concluded Romashina.

«R-Sport», 25 July 2013