27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Tarasov: Organisation level of wrestling at Universiade is better than that at European Championship

Tarasov won the third place in the -70kg weight category.


Universiade. Belt wrestling © RIA Novosti

Organisation level of the Summer Universiade 2013 competitions in belt wrestling (classic style) exceeds the level of competition in wrestling at the European championships, the bronze medallist of the Summer Universiade 2013, the Ukrainian Kostiantyn Tarasov said to the sports news agency R-Sport. Tarasov won the third place in the -70kg weight category. The gold went to the Russian wrestlers Ildar Giniyatullin, and the silver to the Turkmenian Agamyrat Orazsahedov.

“I'm just happy that I am here. These are very prestigious competitions. I was at the European championships, but the organisation level there is more modest,” Tarasov expressed his view. “In Ukraine there was a very difficult selection by koresh,” the athlete said, specialising in Greco-Roman form. “I am very pleased that I got to the podium, but I always want to be higher and higher.” Another bronze medallist in the category, Mihail Cosnicean from Moldova, added: “The Russian boys are very serious; one must be better prepared to compete with them. But I am pleased with the medal,” he said, expressing the feeling that the judges “helped the hosts a little bit”. Russia is the host, it needs help,” the Moldavian athlete summerised.

Koresh wrestling competitions were held Tuesday in Kazan.


R-Sport, July 10