27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Diving. Results of tournament

The 12th of July was the eighth and final day of diving at the 27th Summer Universiade in Kazan.


Universiade. Diving. Day 3 © RIA Novosti

Two finals took place in the Aquatics Palace on Friday; The men's 3-meter synchronized springboard, and the women's 10-meter synchronized platform. The result's from two competitions were also finalized for both the men and the women.

Team Australia diver Samantha Mills became the first gold medal winner of the 2013 Universiade in the women's 1-meter springboard. The silver and bronze medals were given to two divers from China, Dongjin Jia and Litin Van, respectively.

In the men's 3-meter springboard the gold medal was awarded to Evgeni Kuznetsov, while two Chinese divers, Lin Tsinyu and Tsin Tyanu, took home the silver and the bronze medals respectively.

The Russian medal count was again bolstered by a performance from Evgeni Novoselov, who won the bronze medal in the 1-meter men's springboard, and by Yulia Koltunova, from the platform. The remaining medalists in the men's category were Lin Tszin and Tsin Tyan, and in the women's competition were Shuansyue Chen and Ni Chen.


Universiade. Diving. Day 5 © RIA Novosti

On July 10th, in the women's final competition, the gold medal was awarded to Chinese diver Shuansyue Chen, who had a final result of 329.25 points. Her first three attempts created a solid gap from her opponents that they were unable to account for. Second place was given to

Chinese diver Dongjin Jia, who earned 312.75 points. Rounding out the top three is Mexican Elizabeth Chavez, who put herself into the bronze medal position with her final attempt, giving her a final total of 304.85 points.

The finals of the men's 10-meter tower left the spectators on the edge of their seats. Even until the very end, it wasn't quite clear who would end up on the podium and take home a medal. With his two final dives, however, Chinese diver Lyan Ho took the gold medal with a final result of 531.25 points. The silver medal is also going to China, as Ho's countryman Tsun Wu earned 520.40 points. The bronze medal was given to Russian Victor Minibaev, whose dives gave him a total score of 519.00 points.


Universiade. Synchro diving. Day 7 © RIA Novosti

In the women's 3-meter synchronized springboard, the gold medal went to Chinese divers Ye Chen and Shuansyue Chen, whose dives earned them a total of 314.40 points. Each of their dives were executed flawlessly, and gave them a huge lead over their opponents. Two Australian divers earned the silver medal with a 291.60 point score, while rounding out the top three winners were American divers Megan Hoston and Laura Ryan, earning 270.00 points.

In the men's 10-meter platform, with a result of 433.83 points, the gold medal was given to Chinese divers Lyan Ho and Hun In. The silver was awarded to Russians Victor Minibaev, and Artem Chesnokov.

Russians Evgeni Kuznetsov and Ilya Zakharov won the gold in the men's 3-meter synchronized springboard with a total score of 479.34 points. The Chinese duo of Lin Tsin and Lo Yutin took home the silver with 458.34 points. Mexican duo Yahel Castillo Uerta and Alejandro Daniel Islas won the bronze medal with a final score of 426.78 points.


Universiade. Synchro diving. Day 7 © RIA Novosti

In the women's 10-meter synchronized platform, Shuansyue Chen and Ni Chen from China took home the gold with 325.32 points and never lost the lead from their very first dive. The silver medal went to Russians Yulia Koltunova and Natalia Goncharova, who over the course of their dives earned a total of 307.62 points. In third place with a total of 283.77 points were Paula Espinoza and Daniela Diaz Prieto from Mexico.

The main rivalry between China, Mexico, Austrailia and Russia was evident throughout the entire duration of the diving competitions. As a result, Australia won one gold and one silver, and Mexico won two bronze medals. Team China won four golds, five silvers and four bronzes. Team Russia ended the competition with two golds, two bronzes and one silver. It's worth noting that the men's finals took the following shape: third place went to Mexico, second place went to Russia, and first place was occupied by the People's Republic of China.

In total, there were 12 sets of diving medals to be won at the 2013 Universiade.

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