27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Michal Kadziola: Russians seemed to be very tired during the game

The player of the national team of Poland shared his impressions of success after the victory over Russian pair Semenov/Koshkarev.

The match ended with a score of 2:1 (19:21, 22:20,15:10); due to this, Poles got the right to perform at the final against the German team. The Russian team will compete for the third place.


Universiade. Beach volleyball. Men. Semifinal. © RIA Novosti


"Perhaps, the Russian team was less prepared." They looked very tired during the game," - Kadziola said. "We were totally focused on the game from the very beginning till the end that's why we won. What do we feel? I feel that I need to eat and have some rest. In the evening we will play in the final, and we have to be 100% prepared."

Kadziola confessed that he couldn't predict the result of the final. "We took the place on the pedestal of honour last time. But now everything depends on the next game: if we win, so we'll get the gold of these competitions, if we lose, we'll lose this Universiade. It is impossible to determine at once if Germans will be difficult for us than Russians. I will answer this question after the final. I don\t know now," he said.

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