27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013


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Medal events at 2013 Summer Universiade

Overall number of medal events: 2
Technical handbook
  • team competitions
  • team competitions

Maximum number of entries: 32 teams.

Participating countries

  • ALG
  • BRA
  • GBR
  • IRL
  • ITA
  • CAN
  • CHN
  • MAS
  • MEX
  • PER
  • RUS
  • TPE
  • TUR
  • UKR
  • URU
  • FRA
  • EST
  • KOR
  • RSA
  • JPN


Medal winning countries and medallists at Summer Universiade 2013 in Kazan
Rank Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 GBR 1 1 0 2
2 FRA 1 0 0 1
3 MEX 0 1 0 1
4 BRA 0 0 1 1
4 JPN 0 0 1 1

At the Summer Universiade in 1979 in Mexico City, football was included as an optional sport. After that he made irregular appearances at Summer Universiades and was eventually included as a compulsory sport in 1991.

In 1920 the first Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (RSFSR) Championship was held.
In the first half of the 1920s a few international matches took place where our teams appeared. It was still a breakthrough, since the Soviet Union would not have FIFA's official recognition of FIFA until after the Second World War.
In 1928 the Dynamo Stadium in Moscow was opened. Dynamo was the largest stadium of the country and the first sports venue in the USSR built according to the international standards.
The 1920-1930s saw a real boom in football; not only individual players (Grigory Fedotov, Anatoly Akimov, Petr Dementyev, Boris Paichadze, Mikhail Yakushin, etc), but entire football dynasties, such as for example, the Starostin and Butusov brothers were starring on the national scene.
The football matches in the besieged Leningrad and liberated from the Nazis, completely ruined Stalingrad went down in the history of the national football. The Moscow City Championship was held as early as in 1942-1944. In 1944 the next USSR Cup took place. The players of Leningrad Zenit FC mounted the podium that year. In May 1945 the first postwar national championship kicked off, where Moscow Dynamo FC celebrated its victory.
The preliminary competitions were held in the early 1960s before the final stage of the championship started. In 1976, the spring and autumn championships ran during one season. As an experiment, teams had a penalty shootout in the case of a score draw during a match.
The postwar football unveiled a lot of new names: Aleksey Khomich, Konstantin Beskov, Valentin Nikolaev, Vsevolod Bobrov, Igor Netto, Nikita Simonian and many others. The success of our football clubs and the USSR national team in many ways was due to the talent of the outstanding coaches, among whom there were many professional players such as Nikita Simonian, Konstantin Beskov, Valery Lobanovsky, etc.

Tatarstan football began with the names of such celebrated football clubs as KamAZ Naberezhnye Chelny and Neftekhimik Nizhnekamsk, whose fame later faded, and Rubin Kazan FC took the top place among Tatarstan football clubs.  
Rubin FC is the Russian football club from Kazan. The history of Rubin goes back to 1936. But it’s considered to be founded officially as a football club in 1958. Under the guidance of the current coach Kurban Berdyev, the Kazan team reached the top division in 2003 and broke a record – which is still unbeatable – and won medals in their very first season, bronze at that time.
Rubin FC is the two-time champion of Russia in 2008 and 2009. The football club is a holder of the 2010 Commonwealth of Independent States Cup and the 2010 Russian Super Cup.
In 2008, Rubin FC established a record of the national championships, scoring seven victories in the first seven rounds and beating the previous record set by the Dynamo Moscow FC.
In 2009 Rubin FC was named the Best Team of the Year according to the Russian Football Union.

Football in Kazan

School No156
Luch Teen Club
Kazan Teen Club
Koyash Teen Club
School No24
Zenit Teen Club
School  No68
Orlenok Teen Club
Prometey Teen Club
Rodnik Teen Club
Efebia Teen Club
Rubin Sports School of the Olympic Reserve
Motor Kazan Sports School of the Olympic Reserve
Children and Youth Sports School of the Vakhitovsky City District
Viktoria Children and Youth Sports School
Tasma Sports School of the Olympic Reserve
Children and Youth Sports School No3
Privolzhanin Children and Youth Sports School
Raketa Kazan Children and Youth Sports School
Sports School of the Olympic

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Miras Stadium

Address: 4 Dzhaudata Faizi St
Phone: (843) 526-03-20


Olymp Stadium

Address: 65 Chistopolskaya St
Phone: (843) 231-02-38, (843) 562-03-91


Raketa Stadium

Address: 1a Stadionnaya St
Phone: (843) 234-88-85


Rubin Stadium

Address: 2a Kopylova St
Phone: (843) 510-04-57


Tasma Stadium

Address: 56 Gagarina St
Phone: (843) 560-71-36


Trudovye Rezervy Stadium

Address: 7 N.Yershova St
Phone: (843) 236-31-63