27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Student Sambo World Cup

The Student Sambo World Cup will take place in Kazan from November 30th to December 3rd, 2012.

As an optional sport, sambo was included in the programme of the 2013 Summer Universiade for the first time, and the Student Sambo World Cup is scheduled to serve as a test event for the Games.

The Student Sambo World Cup will be held at the Ak Bars Wrestling Palace. The venue’s uniqueness lies in its multifunctionality. The wrestling palace is equipped with all the facilities needed for practicing wrestling and other combat sports: 4 training halls, a gym, locker rooms with shower cabins, a sport rehabilitation centre with saunas, hydrotherapy and a swimming pool. It is situated in downtown Kazan, on the bank of the Kazanka River, near the Millennium Bridge. The Ak Bars Wrestling Palace played host to such international competitions as the European Taekwondo Qualification Tournament (2012), European U23 Fencing Championships (2011). The venue also hosts koresh championships, aikido competitions.

460 people from 30 countries, such as Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Germany, Greece, Georgia, Iran, Spain, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Mongolia, Poland, Russia, Romania, Syrian Arab Republic, Slovenia, USA, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Turkey, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Japan and others, will participate in the 2012 Sambo World Cup in Kazan.

60 officials will oversee and officiate the competitions.

Teams and judges will be accommodated in the Safar Hotel.

One of the main advantages of the hotel is its convenient location in the centre of the city, in a park area with a fine view of the Kazan Kremlin and the Kazanka River. It is the right choice for those who are accustomed to the European hotel standards, value their time and miss no opportunity to have a good time and visit tourist attractions. A ten minute drive from the hotel takes you to the Ak Bars Wrestling Palace and Tatneft Arena.

Arrival/departure transport services

Dear participants and visitors to test events!

In planning your trip to Kazan, we recommend that you take direct flights without transit via Moscow. This route will significantly facilitate passport control and customs procedures. For our part, we will do everything possible to reduce the wait time around the airport and make your travel more comfortable.

Transport will be arranged between the Kazan International Airport and the hotel based on passengers arrival/departure times.
Special buses will be available for certain delegations.

Transport services to competition and training venues

These services will be rendered between November 30th, 2012 and until the end of the competitions.

Athletes and team officials will be transported by shuttle services. The services will be scheduled to operate in accordance with competition and training schedules. Baggage and required equipment will be carried on the same shuttles.

A daily shuttle schedule will be available the night before each competition day and be posted in the accommodation, competition and dining areas. Competitors and team officials will be provided with dedicated transport services for all official needs.

Athletes and team officials will be allowed to board and exit buses only at designated locations near athlete and team official accommodation and competition venues.

In case an athlete has to leave the venue later than a scheduled departure time due to a doping control procedure, a press conference and for other objective reasons, the venue staff will inform the venue transport manager of the number of belated athletes and expected time of their departure.

Venue transport managers will be in charge of providing these athletes with shuttle services between the competition venue and the hotels they stay at.

Dear media representatives!

The following media areas will be set up at the competition venue for the period of the 2012 Sambo World Cup: a press centre, a press conference room, a mixed zone, press tribunes (press boxes), dining and recreation areas, an interview room, photo positions.

Media accreditation
In order to get media accreditation for the 2012 Sambo World Cup, please submit an email enquiry to media.accreditation@kazan2013.com until November 20th, 2012. An application form will be sent in response to the enquiry; you will be required to complete one for each representative of your media outlet planning to attend the sporting event and forward these applications to the above-mentioned email address. The details on when and where accreditation badges will be issued will be later sent to email addresses specified in the application forms.

Press centre
The press centre is equipped in accordance with international requirements and recommendations of the All-Russian Sambo Federation. It will comprise a workspace for journalists and photographers, each workplace being connected to high-speed Internet service and power supply.
Plus, an info desk will operate at the press centre to provide journalists with information services; there will also be printers available for the media to print competition results and press releases.
The press centre will open two hours before the competitions and close four hours after the competitions end.

Mixed zones
According to rules and regulations of the All-Russian Sambo Federation and FISU, a mixed zone will be set up in the competition venue to facilitate interactions between athletes and the media. Only accredited journalists will be given access to the mixed zone. Athletes and coaches will pass through the mixed zone after the competitions to answer questions from the media.
Priority order for access to athletes depending on types of media outlets:

  1. Host Broadcaster;
  2. TV broadcast rights holders;
  3. Radio broadcast rights holders;
  4. Information partners;
  5. Journalists and photographers;
  6. Other media outlets.

The general media access period is 3-5 minutes after the conclusion of competitions and lasts as athletes and coaches go through the mixed zone to their locker rooms. Journalists must not block athletes and coaches’ way to the exit.
The info desk at the press centre will take requests from the media for interviews in the mixed zone.

Press conferences
Press conferences are scheduled to take place at the competition venue prior to the start and after the conclusion of competitions, with sports conferences taking place after each medal event.
Time of a press conference: 20-30 minutes after the announcement of results and victory ceremony.
Participants: coaches, participants of winning teams, most efficient players, speakers upon journalists’ request, etc.
Consecutive interpreting between English and Russian will be used during all press conferences.

Photo positions
Accredited photographers will work from photo positions, i.e. designated and marked areas that offer optimal conditions for photo coverage and an unobstructed view of the field of play.

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