27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Russian Youth Volleyball Cup Final

From May 20 to 27, Kazan will play host to the Russian Youth Volleyball Cup Final organised by the Volleyball Federation of Russia, Ministry of Youth Affairs, Sports and Tourism and Executive Directorate of the 27th Summer Universiade 2013 in Kazan. This tournament is part of a series of test events held in the build-up to the World University Summer Games in Kazan.

Volleyball matches will take place at three competition venues: Saint Petersburg Volleyball Centre, Tulpar Sports Complex and Bustan Sports Complex.

The event will bring together 96 volleyball players from 8 cities of Russia: Moscow, Novosibirsk, Kazan, Kemerovo, Krasnodar, Surgut, Belgorod, Novy Urengoy.

20 judges will oversee the tournament.

Spectator admission is free.

Athletes, coaches and masseurs will be housed at the Universiade Village.

Athletes will be provided with meals at the restaurant of the Main International Centre.

Dear media representatives,

The following press facilities will be available to accredited members of the media at the competition venue (Saint Petersburg Volleyball Centre, 1 Midkhata Bulata St) for the duration of the Russian Youth Volleyball Cup Final: a press centre, a press conference room, a mixed zone, press tribunes (press boxes), an interview room, photo positions.

Media accreditation
We invite you to take part in the media coverage of the Russian Youth Volleyball Cup Final. In order to get media accreditation, please submit an email enquiry to media.info@kazan2013.com until May 20, 2013. An application form will be sent in response to the enquiry; you will be required to complete one for each representative of your media outlet seeking accreditation and send these applications to the above-mentioned email address. The details on when and where accreditation badges will be issued will be later sent to email addresses specified in the application forms.

Press centre
The press centre is equipped in accordance with international requirements. It will comprise a workspace for journalists and photographers, each working area being connected to high-speed Internet service and power supply. Plus, an info desk will operate at the press centre to provide journalists with information services; there will also be printers available for the media to print competition results and press releases. The press centre will open two hours before the competitions and close four hours after the competitions end.

Mixed zones
According to the rules and regulations of FISU, a mixed zone will be set up in the competition venue to facilitate interactions between athletes and the media. Only accredited journalists will be given access to the mixed zone. Athletes and coaches will pass through the mixed zone after the competitions to answer questions from the media.
The general media access period is 3-5 minutes after the conclusion of competitions and lasts as athletes and coaches go through the mixed zone to their locker rooms. Journalists must not block athletes and coaches’ way to the exit.
The info desk at the press centre will take requests from the media for interviews in the mixed zone.

Press conferences
A press conference is scheduled to take place at the venue right after the final of the Russian Youth Volleyball Cup on May 27, 2013. The details on when and who will attend the press conference will be later sent to email addresses specified by media representatives in their application forms.

Photo positions
Accredited photographers will work from photo positions, i.e. designated and marked areas that offer optimal conditions for photo coverage and an unobstructed view of the field of play. Photographers and cameramen working near the swimming pool must wear special vests at all times while in a venue.

Test event news

Russian Youth Volleyball Cup Final finishes in Kazan
27.05.2013  22:47 – Sport articles.open_video Photo

After the final match of the Russian Youth Volleyball Cup, a press conference was held in the press centre of the Saint Petersburg Volleyball Centre in which journalists posed questions to volleyball coaches and players. Among those answering journalists’ questions were Vladimir Gudima, the head coach of SDYuShOR-Lokomotiv-2 (Novosibirsk), the winner of the tournament; Konstantin Osipov, the winning team's captain; Mikhail Chernyshev, Executive Director of the Youth Volleyball League; and Oleg Bryzgalov, Director of Zenit-Kazan Volleyball Club and Vice-President of the Volleyball Federation of the Republic of Tatarstan.

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Russian Youth Volleyball Cup Final: Lokomotiv of Novosibirsk claims champion title
27.05.2013  19:14 – Sport articles.open_video Photo

The volleyball players of Novosibirsk emerged victorious from the battle against Fakel (Novy Urengoy).

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Russian Youth Volleyball Cup Final: Zenit-UOR ends up in fifth place
27.05.2013  17:07 – Sport Photo

The men's volleyball team of Kazan beat Krasnodarskiye Hawks of Krasnodar to finish fifth at the Russian Youth Volleyball Cup Final.

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